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10000 Zagreb

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Ride Car offers services of easy and reliable car rental. Our fleet contains high quality vehicles, waiting for whenever you might need them. Our high standards of safety and equipment, which we continuously improve, are an important condition for our clients longterm happiness. The fleet includes a wide variety of options, from smaller city cars to large premium vehicles, in order to satisfy any need our potential clients might have. If requested, all of our vehicles can have air conditional devices, WiFi, GPS or child seats.

Our services include:
  • Car rental
  • Car rental with professional driver
  • Service of returning of vehicles from other towns
  • Longterm rental
  • Delivery and retrieving of vehicles in Croatia

Driver's age minimum: 18 years
Drivers licence
Passport or ID
Credit card

Car groups A, B, C, E, M, D2, F, F1 and G can be rented by young drivers (18 year olds) with a driver fee of 12,50€ per day, maximum 125.00 € per rental.
For car groups T,L,I,J,K,Y,H,N,N1 and O, surcharge is 18.75€, maximum 187.50 €.
On pick up client must have valid driver's licence and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Diners or American Express).

In case of car rental in which case vehicle will drive to countries other than Croatia it is important to let RideCar know in advance. In case of taking rented vehicles to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus it is obligatory to get RideCar's official permission in written form.

The rented vehicle can be driven by the clients over 18 who have valid driver's licence and have enrolled in rental agreement.

Additional driver fee is charged 10,00€ per day, maximum to 100,00€ per rental depending on the season of use of the vehicle.

Client takes over the vehicle is in a good mechanical condition. Client is obliged to return the vehicle in the same condition as when received, with all tires, tools and equipment, stated on the rental agreement and in check out - check - in form, the exact time and location specified in the rental agreement. Vehicles are rented at a daily rate in accordance with the agreed tariff. One day means a period of 24 hours from the start date and time of the rental agreement. After the expiry of this period, an extra day will be charged.

One-way rentals are the rentals that start at one location and end on another. The fee for one-way rentals are charged according to the price list. For rentals within the same city (for example: airport - downtown) there is no fee.

The vehicle can be collected after working hours in the offices at the airports. It is necessary to specify the number of the incoming flight and book trough the reservation center. After hours fee will be charged 37.50€ fo pick ups by midnight, while after midnight is charged 75.00 €.

If client wants to extend the rental, it is necessary to inform Ride Car. If the client does not inform Ride Car about rental extension, it is considered that the user has illegally appropriated the vehicle. In this case, Ride Car reserves the right to use legal measures in order to take the rented vehicle from the client. If a customer returns the vehicle after the date reffered to when concluding the rental agreement, the new prices will be calculated.

When renting a vehicle, the client will get a car with a full tank of fuel. Uppon returning the vehicle, the car must be returned also with full tank of fuel. If not, we charge the refueling service fee.

Even after the end of rental, the client is still held responsible for committing traffic violations which happened during the rental period. In such case, the charge administrative fee of 35.00€ will apply.


Dear Customers, we remind You that all of your complaints on the quality of our services may be submitted to:

The answer to all your complaints will be sent no later than 15 days from receiving the complaint, in accordance with Article 8, Paragraph 1 of the Law on Consumer Protection (NNNN br. 70/07, 125/07, 79/09, 89/09)

Company name: RIDECAR d.o.o. za usluge

Abbreviation: RIDECAR d.o.o.

Headquarters:Vrbanjska ulica 4, 10000 Zagreb

Registered in Commercial Court in Zagreb

Registered under number: 081060723

Shared capital: 500.000,00 uplaćen u cijelosti

Only board member: Marijan Babić

Institution in which account is held: Zagrebačka banka d.d.

Bank account. HR3623600001102569913